Experience Your America™
This series is an illustrative study of tourism in popular destinations. The series began at the Grand Canyon, out of failed attempts to seek my own solace amongst the bustle. As an artist invested in documentary work, I strive to determine how self-documentation influences experiences in the world. I am drawn to social patterns and how they vary among cultures. In our digital age, it is difficult to escape the influence social media sharing has on how we experience various aspects of life. Experience Your America™, the title of this ongoing series, is a tag-line borrowed from the National Park Service.
This series creates a stark contrast between foreground and background, as the landscape in question is in focus and the visitors in the foreground fall to a blur. These contemporary landscapes represent the conflicting relationship between humanity and the places we occupy.
Ultimately, my desire is not to insult travelers and their desires to photograph themselves in front of popular sites. I understand, as a daughter, granddaughter, niece, and friend, the ability for a photograph to tell stories that otherwise might be lost. Instead, my intention is to examine the burdens of over-documentation in these situations.
With the influx of technology available at our fingertips with things like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and blogging, we are saturated with the happenings of our peers, constantly comparing our experiences with the perceived experiences of others. This body of work questions how the over-documentation trend is shaping the way you are Experiencing Your America.
Consistently, my work has been in response to the traditional landscape, emphasizing waning human influence in the prevalence of nature. Experience Your America™ however, is a contemporary representation of human interaction with the environment. 

where in the world

This series has followed me across the borders of twelve countries and three continents. It is an exploration of transcultural identities and how the human experience varies from place to place, yet can still be so similar to its core.
No identification is given for context, though at times I've given some hints. The images present a challenge to the viewer to explore their own understandings and perceptions of the world and its cultures.
From time to time, this work has inspired me to drop all responsibilities and run with it. I hope that it never stops.

extra terrestrial

This series explores the influential force of femininity and beauty in the modern era. Talk of gender has developed a divisiveness that is important for progression and recognition of women as important contributions to this earth. This body of work, featuring the alluring Kate B. Meyer, is a celebration of the intricacies of womanhood despite our bruised optimism.