how it works

Email to book a portraiture session. 

DIGITAL PORTRAITURE including engagements, bands/musicians, headshots, senior photos, and environmental portraits.

$550 for a 2.5 hour session.

Each shoot guarantees 20-40 four and five star images. You will digitally receive all usable images; I do not charge additional fees for additional images as is customary in this industry.

Prints are available at an additional fee.

FILM PORTRAITURE  fees are in addition to above costs. Film is shot in unison with digital. For example, a two hour shoot accompanied by a 35mm would yield roughly 20-40 digital images and 15-30 film images.

35mm: $75

15-30 color or black and white high-res image scans.

4x5*: $1,000

6-10 high-res color images.

*This method is very time consuming but yields an exceptionally high-quality image. Expect to budget for 5+ hours. Each image can take 30-60 minutes to shoot but can be printed in XL format while retaining exquisite detail.