Renée Anna Cornue is a photographer and illustrator based in Durango Colorado. She owns Renee Cornue Studio, a creative cooperative space in Downtown Durango where she spends her spare time developing various mediums of creative expression. 

Though initially trained in film photography, she now applies her Bachelor of Arts in Photocommunications to story-tell through block printing, watercolor, digital illustration, and photography. She appreciates the endless opportunities of these hand-made crafts, but enjoys the challenge of responding to and interpreting her given environment through street photography more than anything. Irony and human expression are common threads in her work, as a whimsical, bruised optimist.

Her primary formats are 4”x5" and 35mm, and digital. She enjoys the love-labor of developing and scanning her own film, as well as creating her own prints, giving each image an objectness.

Renée is available for illustrations and portraiture in the Durango area. Contact Renée to arrange illustrations or to set up an appointment for senior portraits, family portraits, engagement photos, etc. Pricing and other information can be found here.